Making The Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe


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hey there good looking I so glad that you came to my kitchen today because we home for the holidays and we gonna turn that whole made Thanksgiving bread into homemade Thanksgiving stuffing so let get cooking good looking what I have down here I have nine cups of the dried out bread cubes of our homemade thanksgiving bread that i showed you to make I be sure to leave an eye card up above in the corner here and now we already cooked our Thanksgiving turkey I have some of the juices in the broth and everything from the Thanksgiving bird right in my insta pot right here I have two eggs in my little crew cat there we gonna sit there pokey Oaks and scramble them all up so let just pull the yolks and now I just gonna grab it and just quick give it a good scramble as such then we gonna sit there and grab some of the broth from cooked up turkey and everything and now we just gonna temper our eggs because you don want to sit down and all the eggs into the hot broth otherwise they just gonna scramble up on