Meet SYNERGY HomeCare of Minneapolis Owner Jim Zenk


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caring for others or being cared for is really part of the human condition some of us just need a little help opening our eyes to that for me that came in the form of my mother my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer eight years ago my 80 year old father became her full time caregiver for several years until we had to put mom in a home I had never heard of homecare didn know that kind of service existed and my mom passed on two years ago and probably not coincidentally almost exactly a year later I signed on to synergy homecare I got a corporate background and I always thought that once I learned a little bit more about business got some more business acumen a little more life wisdom I would want to make that step I had one of those epiphany moments one morning when I said you know really all the pieces are in place it time to take that step it time to make that leap I chose synergy homecare for really three different reasons number one because i like the service I like that we giving back to people that we