Hot New Budget Bluetooth Headphones Under $80


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yo what up everybody it your boy floss back again with another video and today we going to take a look at some budget bluetooth headphones now summertime is right around the corner you going to need a set of headphones for all of these outdoor activities so let check out a few inexpensive versions now keep in mind all in these headphones you could get from amazon com I throw the links up in the description and they all going to run you under 100 bucks now I got about eight different ones I want to show you how so I going to try to get through these as quick as I can so let not waste no time first we got the mpow see show all right now let me pull up the website real quick just so you can see the price these going to run you 36 99 alright so 37 bucks let scan through the features real quick excellent noise cancellation bluetooth 4 1 these are ipx4 for waterproof certification seven hours playtime alright so let check these out real quick em pal seashell 37 bucks these might be perfect for the gym let see