Fanatec CSR Elite VMS Racing Steering Wheel Swap and Handbrake Mod Overview


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hello youtube this is Chevy guy 84 and today I going to show you the wheel mod and sequential shifter handbrake mod that I did for my csr elite what I did is I made a custom hub adapter out of a junction box cover what I did is I marked the holes for the fanatic hub drilled them out and then I marked the holes for the NRG quick release which is the momo style bolt pattern drilled the holes out mounted the hub adapter do that as you can see this is a VMs racing black suede steering wheel show you the quick release function here as you can see the wheel comes completely off if I want to put it on locks on solid and then what I did is I wired one of the switches which is used for shifting up normally I wired that to the B button in the steering wheel so whenever I pull the handbrake it activates the B button and allows me to engage the handbrake in the game I got the H pattern shifter what I did here is I like or extended all of the wires for the steering