How to jailbreak windows rt 8.1 update 3


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roaring and a 3 carat omen whoo and surface of Windows RT job rekt windows that has Avenue city opened in update 3f and I headed twist doesn we do testing children okay excited it let me put on The Smothers and Holly Brown joins a lift okay first you download an firstly Donald you go to you go to first go to X yeah let see critical you exhale you oh sorry okay okay first we go to egg there and we don note this go to this don know first through the windows um hacking when is RT hacking then you go to this this then you go then you go to downloads then you dilute this file if you don and you don with this after you download this file then you go to and you then you put the new extract all the files okay open map open the map and don be a dead document document and here Fania the stoppin if I say Oakland Oakland is void of the riddles administrator and ok it opening then you first you put page 1 and I already do that go because I done this first you