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I organized a scuba comm in this session we taking a look at the waterproof 4w3 wetsuit comes in both male and female cut we be going through the male cut here the purpose of the video let go ahead and take a closer look so waterproof make a fantastic range of wetsuits and w3 is no exception got some really great features in here so if we go ahead and start by taking a look at the collar at the top double rolled around the very top ledge but add a bit of comfort first I got glide skin on the inside here as well just to get a good seal around the neck obviously preventing that water from flushing through also quite little zipper here at the front here as well so once you do surface from your dive I mean when I open this up a bit there to get in give me a bit more comfortable and obviously when you on the boat before you get into the water some nice added a little bit of comfort before you get in and obviously zip that up just tighten that seal up a little bit more to