2013 Air Jordan 3 Fire Red On Feet Sneaker Review


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hey what up YouTube is Anthony back with another on foot sneaker review as always please thumbs up this video and subscribe to my channel if you haven already you can still find these online and I linked up where to get them on my blog so click the link in the description if you trying to buy a pair of these today we looking at the Air Jordan 3 firered from 2013 you may have seen a previous video of mine where I went over the fit and the materials on the 2006 retro of this original colorway I link that up at the end of this video and basically those are my beaters and I have destroyed them to the point where I now kind of trying to sell them off they not ready to burst out of the midsole or anything but they definitely are pretty beat and they still have life left so hopefully they go to a home someone that can restore them or repaint the midsole and fix up some of the errors and disgust that are on there and you probably would wind up with a nice pair of 2006 but for me