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hey guys what up so today in this video I will be reviewing reviewing the ticket it is by uncle and let start so I just got this from my school around 160 rupees yeah and it looks something like this the Overlook is something like this it is a cardboard box and so let look about fit so it is like good flat frame series the new anchor stitch kit offers a range of innovated and vibrant and easy to pre design let your imagination ruler walls and cast a ticket and longstead etc etc here are the filling the area finish tips get getting start how to set your stitch kit and to open it here it isn here to opens we have here from here to point Juliet open usually very very easily I cannot struggle with this but still I am opening so how you can open it if you have this so it looks something like this and then there is something to put inside this so your things you have a power kind of thing to show the tool it begin from the inside the inside items look something like this it has a