VW ABS Hydraulic Pump defective


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hello my name is about an ABS problem on a Volkswagen Polo from around 2000 to 2003 it can be quite a common fault on the polos when reading the fold codes you get a code number one two seven six with a description abs hydraulic pump defective I printed these volts out here this I seen cases in the past where this has led people to change the hydraulic pump going on the information from the fold code but the fault is still there intermittently the culprit of the fault is a fusible link this sits in the fuse box above the battery and you have to look quite closely you see a very fine hairline crack across the fuse where sometimes it makes contact and sometimes it doesn we recently had a polo in and from the information customer gave me of the symptoms of the fault I knew what the problem was before it even opened the body it was it was the fuse that doesn happen very often these days earlier 3ag cars had blade fuses also in that fuse box on top of the battery and it quite common to see high resistance is bad