LPS: Addicted to Miranda Sings! (My Strange Addiction: Episode 9)


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we not allistic and also knowing kaput guys my name is Beatrice I gonna be a singer just like her one day oh my god Beatrice would you shut up I trying to go to sleep handle Bank oh I hate my sister she always don you know oh my god honestly Beatrice is so dumb she thinks miranda is a real person and that she not played by Colleen like the character like she married as a character like b trees can understand that oh my god when he was so totally wrong Lorraine eyes we know she not my character he was this kollene persona hmm fine features his father and all all Beatrice does is watch Miranda videos she watched every single one of them five times I don know she doesn get tired of them or something it it insane the Jesus family is enjoying their dinner at the dinner table whereas Beatrice is just watching Miranda Beatrice for God sakes come over here and eat your dinner yeah Beatrice just come eat we not even a family anymore oh my god keep watching that fake characters it not even real uh daddy tell her you