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this is just like the Arctic Circle only its Warwick ship and I in a large refrigerator it precisely minus 40 degrees C in here which is unpleasantly chilly so I going to get out that better this is the home of Land Rovers engineering facility engadin and the cold weather test is just one of many the reason I am here is to find out more about these endurance tests and discover precisely what goes into ensuring the Range Rover Evoque enjoys a lifetime of reliability Range Rovers really are tested in the Arctic Circle but before they get there they have to pass various rig tests here at gayden the guys here are literally trying to break every moving hinging part by subjecting a lifetime of usage compressed in two weeks not to mention simulating different weather and temperature conditions imagine if you will taking a car lightly evoke to Death Valley in Arizona which is pretty much the hottest place where they test cars parking it and walking away for 21 days well that is precisely what going on in there that is a man made replica of Death Valley this chamber can get up to a