Get the best out of your warehouse management system


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So welcome to this special session title get the best out of your wells management system. When I made this I should probably have been in marketing. We cause it's a really promising allot. So maybe I should have added a softs idol a crash course in on hand and reservations because that's what we're going to focus on today. Why is this important because it's the heart and soul of the inside of you is this system. If you ask me, maybe I'm a bit biased on that, but it's important to understand this because it drives a lot of other things in the system. My name is Lennart Conrad. I'm available with Microsoft been working on eecs for the last 12 years also have experience in inman sorry. And the old documents marginal and I was part of the team that sort of originally handle the vhs acquisition and the integration of that. So I know a bit of history about why some of the things work the way they do not much share some of that with you today. So we're going to cover a lot today as you have seen the new access the new eecs which i might actually tenzin refer to as a 7 that was so in some code name has a lot of good news staff? You why really cool.