Get location from an IP address, IPinfo API and PHP


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hi guys today I want to show you how to get location data using an IP address the API web service I going to be using today is from IP o info so if you go to that website scroll to the bottom to the footer you see a developer link click that once on this page you see several different ways you can interact with the API for my demo I going to use the curl option so let flip back to NetBeans so we can start coding some this stuff out now normally will dynamically grab it uses IP address and it add to a variable but since I on a local machine I gonna mainly add one so I got one of my notes and we need the API URL cat Nate our example IP address alright so as I mentioned before I gonna be using curl and as I stated before in a previous video basically they get curl up a running you only need three functions the curl initialize curl execute and her clothes but once in the output to a variable so I need a throw curl return transfer option and actually include the