Samsung Keystone 2 GT-E1200I Unboxing


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okay here my unboxing of the Samsung Keystone it a look at that model number a GTE 1200 eye and it an actual unboxing I always like to show it you see it the seal there is unbroken this is a little 15 year old phone about this as a backup phone it basically gonna be a throwaway and what happened here is the reason I got this phone is my galaxy note when you look at it it looks this is the first edition it looks alright you know but if I turn the screen off don know if you can see it so well but it been cracked all the way and down here it spider whipped out you know so it gotta be replaced I gonna go over into my trusty Swiss Army knife and cut that seal off there let see there we go let see what in here I don expect much from a 15 year old phone so it with 22 or 23 dollars you can say like this thing some little cheap generic classic Vanek get some plastic and covering up just just a little simple throw away you use this phone and