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Music today we got toe jam 7 I also gonna be filming some promo for 30 Scooby she QJ and Chris it about 2 o right now I about to head to the light rail Scooby gonna pick me up from the angel lake station and I gonna do the first portion of my vlog on the phone the toe jam 7 recap is gonna be on the big camera packing up right now I got this new Microsoft long sleeve from Value Village the other day and I kind of liked it change of plans I not taking the light roll anymore I getting in a ride so I just gonna wait for them to pick me up Music all day with that man they might just play with that sim these name is just a little paint these niggas ain going on deck huh handles are working just demands niggas keep her you wanna smoke choppers put a mouth trade like a dog choppers put up down every bitch said I gonna split the man okay try to know how he been around niggas ain cuz they swish swish yeah port these are the four I just wish