AngryJoe Plays Ashes of the Singularity (RTS)!


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hey guys this is about as loud as it get there a massive battle here this is the opening of singularity ashes of the singularity actually see a bunch of dreadknots here a bunch of cruisers bunch of small units and this is the scale the game is going to be in so if you really enjoy uh you know schemes like supreme commander then this game is probably gonna be for you if this looks cool so it as a promotional video for Star doc and this is angry Joe and Joe we gonna show off this game to you if it is something that you might be interested in playing yeah it forty four dollars on Steam right now and if you a fan and I actually already played a bunch of it so it it pretty good in my opinion it really really fucking hard it super frustrating but it the good kind of hardware it like ah damn it and I played seven times now eight times against normal AI and me and Ella are getting our asses killed and and were you know alright players but what it doing to us is it making us