Chocolate Milk is Sending New Zealand Into a Frenzy


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we Americans are used to our food fads remember in 2010 when Shake Shack fever hit or the cronut craze of 2013 that still going strong but nobody would ever line up for chocolate milk right I Mike janella and this is buzz60 that exactly what driving people wild in New Zealand Lewis road creamery recently released its fresh chocolate milk drink and it so popular people are lining up for hours to get their hands on some Louis Road can believe it posting on its Facebook page it had no idea demand would be so great stores are resorting to limiting purchases to one bottle per person and even stationing security guards at fridges the crazy even started a black market some may say a dark chocolate market the Kiwi craigslist like website trade me has bottles of Lewis wrote up for sale with people bidding up to twenty six dollars per bottle and now even counterfeits are popping up on line two is it really that much better than a two dollar bottle of you who although we probably shouldn judge here in the land of the doritos locos taco buzz60 now you know pass it on