Water Bottle, Alcohol Stove ... w/ Double Burner ?


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hi guys this is my attempt or my attempts at an alcohol stove water bottle and I was trying to create a double burner and if you never made a alcohol stove out of a water bottle what you do is you go to the dollar store and get one and use a book or something to get the right height make a a line around your water bottle cut the top and the bottom off sand all the paint off invert the top and push it into the bottom you have to use a piece of wood and a hammer to kind of tap it home and you end up with something that looks like this my dimensions on the ones I made they are one in seven inches tall the bottom row of holes is 7 8 from the Bott from the bottom and the top row holes is 1 and 1 16 the holes on the bottom are 1 16 of an inch in diameter and the top row of holes smaller holes are 1 32 of an inch in diameter lastly when you pushing them in there oh you got a actually a more thing you