#1101 98 taurus , nissan 200sx , buick regal race [Davidsfarm]


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hey we got a race happening first one today Friday night three cards then this and 200 sex plus a totally street legal 98 Thunderbird 3 liter the basic three liter and pugs new car a 94 buick regal to door sport 3 8 and too bad the lighting sucks let get kind of dark tonight son has already set as you can see so both August thirteenth I guess 2009 I betting on the 3 8 to win haha sure looks like it the white ones at Aris we have to take the volvo after them tomorrow it turbo no way the nisshin meeting the board moly oh yeah I can believe that that only a 1 6 in etna says not even an H 0 it is 16 valve not a chance unfortunately the guy driving the fort is only 18 so he not an expert and he looks just like Fred on YouTube the guy with a potato cannon we off for race number two and looks like someone limping back for some reason it too dark out to focus properly 3 8 a bunch 3 litre little hair pretty fast very fast buick yeah oh you