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by the bus the dynasty linear possibly tomorrow Monday by the double talking no I gather Chi Omega Colin understandable too much time I live in money speed I gotta stay behind enable what up you to ride on fuck it is man if you don for everyone and I be showing you all how to make the adidas superstar saying the shell toe joints you know that these is the white and the black ones you know now you see these bitches but just like I gonna come up just like these motherfuckers norm should I not do this shit you know but the only downfall is before before I get to the downfall this is how you make those directly with the white and black as you go now if you want to make like some black modes or any other color or something I got a shell toe that not I gonna say white this is the Russians you want to go to toe cap and put the DD shell tool and just pick whatever color like I get I gonna pick the black for example now say I just do black no no don kick that