2019 Toyota 4Runner Limited 5-Passenger | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 94R0178


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hello and welcome to another video walk around by myself Parker and today we gonna be looking at a 2019 Toyota 4runner sr5 limited this is a four door five passenger four wheel drive SUV in midnight black metallic and under the hood you find a four liter v6 engine and you be riding on top of 20 inch alloy wheels some of your exterior features include full time four wheel drive running boards and roof rails fit for every adventure now why don we head inside and see what else this 4runner has to offer helping us into our 4runner we have our smart key system right here so we can either use our fob to lock and unlock or we can use our smart key which I will be using so we do have our indicator just on our mirror as well and we have it on the right side it in order to get in with our smart key we be placing our finger on these two lines that locks the vehicle up and it an unlock placing our hand inside unlocks the vehicle so we do have our running boards here and then just a longer