HD, Dakotaz, Tim The Tatman & Cloak Talk Eating Pizza With No Cheese & Who Has The Best Coffee!


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I mean America has places where we make fresh you know subway dozen every day bro did you know he wears a part time right now he going up against the stream the stream cyber just got destroyed I got a speech if you go to somebody you have to go no matter what you order that like the only reason to go to some ways the last time I went to subway I mean this abatements was probably like four years ago it a chicken tender subdued and they have a buffalo chicken so chicken tenders with lettuce tomato what about this chicken tenders the street chicken centers well yeah they have that wallah you know first of all it not a gassy okay some of them have against these are attached to it but while by yourself it like I everything in one kind of place like a 7 eleven but ten times better Wawa has the best coffee like three wallets the Starbucks coffee where you get the pumpkin spice latte Jim just going to Starbucks yeah Music it slick the oily cloaks is and conversations is what no I had a breakfast burrito right next to