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well it late on Thursday afternoon the first unofficial day of the work group show as I not we going to be calling it down here at snack southern Minnesota model aircraft we got quite a few planes already out on this play today you met some of the big ones that the guys got put away but I figure I can you will look at first unofficial though hopefully get one of these done on Friday and Saturday so you can see the diversity of planes that show up from day to day a little bit of everything down here so far turbines going up and that Lots trailers full airplanes here let go camping outside the other rocks because people look at me funny when I talking to the camera but yeah I like this we 25 misbehaving working on a Lancaster over there left flank after a little mishap earlier I got that on poteete that telling them everything I set up for tomorrow that that get done early morning tomorrow so the woman don buzzer Oh we got a whole lot more of those videos no no and I gonna stop Bell midfield here which was