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hi everybody so welcome back to my channel first of all and welcome back to monthly favorites it been a while since I did one of these so I have a whole lot of things to talk about today I basically have two months worth of favorites jammed into this video so no doubt it gonna be a little one I hope you sitting comfortably I have loads of skincare products for some reason that I been trying and new things that I really been loving so let just start with skincare and the first one is actually a tanning product this is from San Tropez I do love a good San Tropez tanning products they tend to just do the things that work best for me this is the everyday tinted body lotion so it kind of like a gradual tan but with it in as well and they do a product similar to this which is just tinted but doesn have any actual tannin it and I love using that for days and I have my legs out and I want a bit of color in them when they just gently looking a bit pasty and I happen