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I owed from Andhra Harley and a tour of the website big blue toaster dotnet a web site is specialized in DIY guides especially in the smart roadster models I here because I narrated the velocity are a service section on my Italian website and so I go all around Italy to service the smartest air with particular problems in this case I was called to install two factory fitted options electric and heated wing mirrors and fog lamps both of these accessories are very useful so on my website are requested even though it not available the sexual service for the abroad or for the international users you can contact me to request both of them one of these depends on your needs predisposition wiring kit this is the kit for retrofitting the smart fog lamps as from factory as you can see there is inside the original really socket the original relay all the wirings with the exact color as described by the original wire scheme and this kit will be provided with the instruction of step by step instructions so asked for biscuit just through my website www viikii net and I will provide you one of