The Return of Classic Cereals?


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General Mills is on a journey to always make our cereals better how be responsible we have committed to sustainably sourced 100 of our cereal boxes by 2020 giving back since 1996 our cereals have given more than 175 million to America schools through Box Tops for Education that why Cinnamon Toast Crunch kicks Cocoa Puffs ice cream scoops Girl Scouts caramel crunch cereal Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch honey nut Chex chocolate Chex cinnamon Chex Very Berry Cheerios Lucky Charms mocha crunch Golden Grahams Reese puffs blueberry Chex has whole grain as the first ingredient no high fructose corn syrup no artificial colors or flavors in nine grams of sugar per serving but wait so many of you complained online that we bringing back classic Trix is no one seems to like those on artificial flavors and colors yeah we understand our cereal ugly yeah we understand it doesn taste as good as it used to so here have this cereal you want it coming out this October it gonna be sold alongside normal Trix and that the beginning of the new revolution cereal cereal company reformulating their cereals is not a new thing just ask the people who lose