TMOH - Beer Review 850#: Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout


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hello everyone welcome to be review 850 communicator the master of puppets they and joined by knock up a lot of malts and today we going to be looking at a really special beer I can wait to have again now this is a beer that really really really nice this is the cigar city food approves aterial stop this is a 2012 vintage I had a taste of the 11 which was amazing but I heard this is even better the fresher you get because of all those ingredients in here yah girls never had it but we just had the base viewer for this yeah he just had this bad boy marshal zhukov 11 vintage we didn review it because I already viewed the reason most recent batch connection is what was well just look at us then this was different more dark Freudian so yeah I be back here it got some stuff about main mythology cuz who the Pooh is from a mythology whoo hoo napoo was the father of this main hero twins confirmed Lukaku Naboo and shrunk way or I can pronounce there and basically says that they were playing are tricked by the