FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S DEAD? - Dude Soup Podcast #130


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So what Kind of Listen I'm Gonna get on? Watching you later Sam, oh you're not Gonna Watch me Play adam you're Gonna Play how, Long so cool I don't know if We need Should, we Let the the yeah? Well Let the demo Loop go someone Else Gonna Mop here I'll play give it to me he Goes British like Perfect Trash Hammering Them Ready Does I Discovered This Video Thanks To a quarry you can't turn down, well between not at me hmm Corinne To have so in case you guys are unaware I don't know I'm not I am not up on the the Valkyrie derived Universe But in the Show I saw Dooku, haha, Boo, Dooku uh This Is this is a show where Girls have to Rub each other Off and then Once They come they turn Into a gun Or a Weapon of Some Kind and then the girl who rubbed her off then uses her to fight other Girls who Were also rubbing off Their Partners Are you great all right yeah i mean are you just yeah you're describing your Dreams or do We Have learnt Us? So let's what's Going on? Alright I don't think steam games Can Have Full Nudity I'm Envisioning The The Final YouTube Version of Us with us playing A blur yeah That's Fun Too yeah, oh? No why's iris I don't have an Iris get it the Vagina Buy it I got it hey Welcome To A Vagina L'Ve a gional Bully I think, it's a virgin by today, is like They're sorry lines, okay yeah? Absalom To A virginal Bullet Dude to me you can, be the very first to Puncture that that skin On the surface With your your spoon, oh hey, They're Showing the Video again great So this Just you Guys know this this Episode has Been Pre-Recorded, We are Currently at r-Tx so this is not live Whether Or not you're Watching, on YouTube more Risky com Either Way Thank you for Watching yeah free recall my God What is the lump? Why Is it Lumpy yeah? Why is it Lumpy Boy? It's our arm Pressing Down on her Breasts, oh yeah, you're right, oh? Boy why are they, bass Translate Into real life, oh, well Absolutely She's Like that way Let me Get her in Line Look at her cher Look at Look at her Bow Is doing yeah yeah does that happen Here ohad the Way Today Is Brought to you by nobody, oh yeah do - uh what do they May he's Just correct.