How To: Clean Makeup Brushes!


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hi everyone welcome back to my channel so today I will be demonstrating on how to clean makeup brushes with a couple items that you probably have right at home so far so gonna take some olive oil after that you going to want to grab some antibacterial soap and next either a paper towel or a washcloth and then grab any flat surface you use a plate you can use a bowl I prefer a plate so we just going to dump a little bit of that olive oil straight onto the plate and we just going to take a little bit of that antibacterial soap I do about four cups want to do a one to one ratio there no right now we just going to give the plate a nice big swirl so now we ready to begin so taking a brush you going to want to run it under the water and dip it into the mixture of olive oil and antibacterial so I like to use the back of my hand as a surface to clean my brushes I like to do little baby circles and after every time running on the back of your