Throwback Thursday - Total Carnage (SNES)


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oh shit you remember the war of 1999 oh man that was crazy his brother against brother father gets sun and this is total carnage whoa on the Super Nintendo never play this but I played a lot of Super Smash TV before the Genesis and it like the same thing holy shit has a big fire fig he got me with an axe are you bringing the next to a gunfight this is like you ever played the game I made a game with zombies in it on xbox live arcade pretty sure this is probably the inspiration for that oh wow what are these what are these ah I don understand what but understand what I fighting yeah yeah give me the woman yeah yeah yeah yeah look at their living oh I was bullshit meet orcas the mother of all boss monsters I know there monsters in this game what is it oh you spitting out tongues you how many tongues you have in there yeah but fuck these missiles yes fritter fuck this guy takes a lot of damage No Oh game over man come beat tongue shooting I got got first place so by a