Turtle Beach Xbox Stealth 700 on PC Bluetooth Review


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I what up guys so anyone that been watching my channel for a little bit you see that it work around how to use your stealth seven hundreds on your PC through bluetooth that is your Xbox stealth 700s so since they don have a dedicated dongle like the PlayStation 4 ones and other headsets that are wireless these use the actual Xbox controller Wireless so these are just dedicated to just Xbox so my other two two we went through how to get on the work on bluetooth with OBS open while you streaming so the issue I was having was once I open two OBS and start streaming I would lose all audio to my headset so we do enter the workaround you can watch that video in my channel so today we gonna talk about how these performed so since I disabled the hands free I lost the use of my microphone which I never even attempted to try and use since I have a dedicated microphone system to talk to my friends at everything while in game we have the Bluetooth we have it on I didn try using then she a superhuman hearing I didn