Lego guess who 40161 toy review part 2


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okay guys that build is done and you looking at the face of my assistants new book hi oh you being sweet right now oh yeah being sweet right now so we lucky anyway here the product that been finished oh I did not know it was gonna look this stinking cute guys so um there are two boards and our minifigures and stuff snowball it a little close a little close honey but anyway the these boards are so cute I invented this idea is like a genius because this is like so adorable it takes like the classic game guess who and then it combines it with a lego twist and it just brilliant yeah anyway I take a quick look at our minifigures this comes first so here the first ones and another unique thing I noticed when I was building this like the whole first bag had all the guy Lego figures and then the next one had all the girl Lego figure so I was really cool how they kind of separate that out kind of but yeah so here are people here the firefighter okay there we go okay let focus on him so