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hi okay well y know I gonna do a review on shado she had a lipstick just to tell you now it about twenty five dollars plus tax 27 so I think of the price check it off or if you guys really are interested in knowing about shade of lipstick products and bacon okay so let get started this packaging of course again 25 to 27 dollars its point 14 ounces it looks like this moving there and such a shade of shadow here and on the count and this is B e310 it a nice nude color a really um takes out my pigments on my lips makes it really nude gloss on it that the best thing about because it moisturizing it dermatologist tested and I would recommend it for girls who want to be able to not wear lip some lip gloss because i hate lip gloss I hate applying two coats is just a hassle i just want to swipe and I done um if anything I know a lot of old like not old but more mature women where should she do and this is just goes for any age group out it just