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so how you Linda hi everybody out there on YouTube this is Yolanda she works at DJI hi yeah so maybe you can tell us something about DJ yes very interesting I could get in touch with a lot of cool guys yeah who are looking for just technology and also the play joins quite well yeah also I would have a chance to experience how the drones can fly ok so we here this is the flagship store right this is your biggest store here in the world so today what we here for is I going to be having a little presentation they having a new pilot experience right so what happens at the new pilot experience we would like to ask the users to use to experience the joys and let them to know how to use it yeah also we would have some guest speaker like you okay so on some experts here to show the customers how to fly excellent that an awesome well we very much looking forward to thank you very much Amanda is there anything you would like to say to all the people on YouTube actually welcome to DJI it is