How to change Air Filter on Jeep Cherokee sport 94


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hello our today we going to replace air filter for a Jeep Cherokee 94 the first thing you have to do is just take these little clips for hips one two three take this little hose out another one three here you have a CSS to take off and this has a little Bible over here so you loose a little bit you spectacle lied I mean and we just going to remove this little bot the top rail now you see I used to replace this filter like two days ago I want to show you guys a radula so you can save money so when you take the old you will see you will see here so very bad stuff but this is clean brand new two days ago and you can vacuum these little container inside clean really well before you put a new one and to bring new ones the same thing same way inside one two and three and put a house same way we give and all the way go back right here and this go back right here today look and tie the little belt over here this is how to replace the