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Applause 10 52 good morning okay I just kind of wanted to say that vlogs are going I said alright and Alexa over there turned off but anyways as I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted by Alexa she going to turn on again sup Alexa good morning are you sorry I not sure about that excuse me Alexa good morning okay but anyways vlogs are going to be back and being posted they going to be posted more frequently yes okay but I showed you guys earlier but it 1055 now I still have not eaten breakfast or anything for that matter it got some pumpkin seeds and these things return they called yes tutorial but they called plantain chips they kind of weird you put it in your mouth and you like this is definitely gonna be a potato chip and then this lemur is like staring at you watching you while you eat it but he just looking to see a reaction when you realize it not a potato chip and it really doesn have any sweetness or saltiness at all I don really feel like going to getting breakfast today so I think