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you know what up guys Patrick you welcome back to a video today we gonna be trying Mobley the orange flavor this is sparkling water made by Pepsi and you guys already know I tried a whole bunch of Pepsi different water flavors and today we gonna be trying this this is the 12 pack of bubblies orange flavor with other natural flavors so let get this bad boy open so this the price for this box was 350 at Mariano I gone to Walmart and it like two for nine which is insane because if you go to Mariano they have two for seven which is basically but with a card it 350 for one so if you didn have a Mariano card it be a whole different like situation just go go check it out for yourself at the store so first things first we gonna open this up so where is the opening spot for this so it right here so what it called I tried this water before so this isn my first time trying it okay let just get that out of the way here because you know I just you drink stuff every once