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hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Ali for those of you who don know and my husband and I do a lot of vlogs and different videos I done some makeup videos and we currently in the middle of rebranding our entire channel so stay tuned because in the next couple of weeks that going to be released I just want to thank you guys for joining my channel today and watching this video today I just going to do a quick makeup video of getting ready with me and how I been doing my makeup and hair lately and so if you want to see that then just stay tuned there things first I going to apply a moisturizer so I just been using a the ole a complete all day moisturizer it looks like this for combination to oily skin I just going to apply that all over my face I going to be using my foundation it is the infallible Pro matte by L Paris and I just going to use my Beauty Blender to apply that to the face now that my foundation is applied to my face I going to apply