Storm's Adventure with Saints Row: The Third


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let see Gears of War 3 uncharted 3 on live part 3 Mass Effect 3 well I guess that lands us right here you like I dressed like this before oh my god it a completely new outfit Saints Row 2 was a real surprise hit with me I was expecting another free roaming driving game with all the inherent fun that comes with it but it a funny situation when the impersonator starts doing things better than the originator these 3d driving games have been around so long that I assume everyone knows the premise most say it began with Grand Theft Auto 3 however if you want to get really picky you could trace it back to driver there are likely more but I think I should get some brownie points for actually playing driver publishers saw GTA winning formula of free roaming prime sticking and that why the six console generation was saturated with it nowadays things are different and by that I mean nothing has changed at all but Saints Row two stood out as an angelic mixture of humour action and proper video game driving mechanics so how to sing throw the third fair the