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hey everybody it much of a rapper from matrix global media and welcome to the Facebook Timeline review and the purpose of this was just to sort of highlight something that I become really excited about over the last few weeks and that is the new facebook look it it a timeline that come which is highly visual and there have been so many organizations out there that are using it so effectively that I want to share that with you also via the timeline review we going to speak to a lot of the industry leading experts we going to get their thoughts on the new changes and what they like about them what they feel could be done a little bit better and examples that they to see about how we can and monetize our businesses via this new facebook timeline so all I need you to do is watch this first video what we done I done it just a little demo of just giving you an idea an example of how the review is going to follow and if you like that we need you to register your email address here and I put you on