Frontenac Point 2010 Proprietors Reserve


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hi I David and I Leah and this is wine forecaster so if you been down to Ithaca and maybe along the west side of Cayuga Lake you see that about 10 to 15 minutes north of there there a series of wineries that are located right along the lake and one of them is fraud snack point vineyards this is a winery that we happen to check out over the summer and this is a bottle that we brought back home with us this is their 2010 proprietor red so friends and I point is owned by the doodles and they been farming since 1979 so they been around for quite a while I in trumansburg mm hmm the wine label itself has their family crust on followed by the name of the winery in the name of the wine kind of a classy label label and so it was a little crooked on the bottle here which you know I like to see things a little bit neat and I don know if that really that or that their bottling company or how that works it is a state grown and bottled and what that means that they