Ryan Garcia vs Braulio Rodriguez POST-FIGHT REVIEW, Ryan DISMANTLES SHOWBOATER!!!


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hey what going on it would mean see this is the official hope I reduce for buying Garcia vs Valeo Rodriguez Canelo undercard cal rocky pudding undercard at mansburg Brian Garcia uh scores an impressive sixth round TKO fifth round TKO over valio abroad in Las Vegas you know really really really awkward tough Dominican fighter the veteran fighters interesting Piper Ryan because you know him being 20 him being on has had his fair share of struggles and seen different things in the ring so young in his career this is a fight that I think was good for a guy Rodriguez who looks super awkward you know he was Andrew Golota and the hell out of a punching him in the nuts repeatedly and aside from that you know he was just super like awkward you know it I quitting the where he showboat and he doing the whole fight night winding up thing he doing the Ali shuffle he winging a really wide shot that are just missing by this much but if they land Music Music sensational New York City debut for wine yeah Ryan Garcia fitrah TKO over Braulio our biggest song amazing interview a