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hello what up guys today we got another one which is another one smart television box actually I would call it it a TV box um our TV box it fully well it Android power Android 4 4 2 jelly beans and the quad core processor which is pretty good feature which is pretty good for the speed of it and it a whole rooted and all the nice apps you know which lets you watch everything on internet for free are pre installed configured inside early this is what the seller had claimed it being honest with you and the RAM is God is a too big of Ram that would that would let you work very nicely around the system eight gig of Rome Rome is a pretty low actually I would say that you know you won limit you to stall install couple of other applications in terms of pre loaded stuff is got off XBMC fully loaded and the model number of is accused seven and the processor is MK triple eight triple 8 CS nine one zero two gig ram and 8gb room obviously simple things are that it got a built in Wi Fi