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so I make it a hot pocket uh I already put it in a microwave because you know I an idiot I got it right in there I actually cooking some dirt whatever they are loaded Doritos I don know oh but that for a different video because now I making hot pockets so I had it before they good so it not much a review I had to wait one minute though which kind of sucks I don know why they can just make it no we like it like 210 for the time I don know why it not and it uh I don know camera fucking sucks why won it like probably cuz I not looking at the camera there you go I probably not going to edit this how many Christmas tree out my second Mac right there don want I don use cuz you know rich gang neither there a hot pocket yeehaw yeehaw ride my dick like a seesaw it my room you guys probably seen a lot from my videos so it probably hot shit right now uh yeah okay oh fuck that