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Music so girl now you back on the cam back with another video and for today video it like a short video I not gonna be more than five minutes but I gonna be showing y like my new thank you okay so as you can see from the title I have my own it not really officially a business yet but it like something that I doing I make lip gloss now and my the name of my lip gloss is crave Bacchanalia beauty pad right here and so basically I still lip gloss for two dollars plus a 75 I mean 75 cent shipping fee I step in the United States only and so you slip costs two dollars shipping fee 75 I have two cents so far clad just Carter Sparta it vanilla and cotton candy but nella smells really good kind of can look good too but I just love a new smell and so I gonna show y some more lip gloss in the colors and I got some one now but it coming off because I wrote my lips together a lot but like this is one you can really see it cuz it