Ironside Computers Review/Experience


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hey YouTube this is gonna be a quick overview of my Ironside computer I picked this up back in August of 2013 and it been functioning really well since then I just gonna do a quick review of the company and the computer overall I be posting the specs of this computer in the description below and so you can check that out in the description and just said that right anyway when I first ordered it this it said two weeks to ship this is my only complaint about the company by the way and it said two weeks to ship and or what was a 2 to 10 days 2 to 10 days to ship and on the 14th day I still hadn had my computer and so I called in to their tech support and they told me that there was a problem with the processor like he had to go look and I my I personally think they they forgot to ship it I mean that just my opinion maybe that really was a problem with the processor but if if there it is I mean that still no excuse to ship it you know not