Ski Review: Black Diamond Carbon Megawatt, Current, Revert 2014 touring skis at ISPO 2013


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gear geek hello I to miss lock so from Black Diamond the ski category director here at ESPO 2013 showing our brand new ski line we called a brand new factory and these are the first skis out of that factory state of the art factory allowed us to do some really cool innovations where we wanted to save weight like in our free to ER line this is our rockered touring skis we save significant amount of weight when you first introduced the carbon fiber megawatt we pulled 800 grams out of it from the normal megawatt now with we went to side wall went to be fewer edges and we pulled yet another 500 grams out of that so really lightweight 120 millimeters underfoot and a really fun powder touring ski next in the line is the convert 105 millimeters underfoot and weighs sixteen hundred and sixty grams so extremely lightweight 105 is kind of that go to every day touring ski or side country whichever and this thing is a rockered tip rocker tail a very user friendly 105 millimeter ski and last in the free tour line is the Reaver this concept we launched a couple