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what up Benson here forward tactics for Chuck right now you are checking out a new shoe from huff this is the Sutter blossom part of their blossom collection that is coming out summer 2014 also includes the mateo as well as the genuine as you can see there a low top vulcanized shoots got in all canvas upper as well as an all over print big one piece toe cap but like our dimension because it canvas probably not gonna wanna skate them when you done skating you want to look good kick back and put these shoes on you good to go super thin collar very thin tongue again not the most protection but also it looks super good huh insole inside but it actually not removable just want to give you that heads up all that sits on top of a vulcanized construction flexible durable grippy and then you got that huff h tread pattern on the bottom that it that the Huff Sutter blossom head over to tactics calm you can see full 360 images of this shoe check out all the other huff product that we got because we got tons of it at tactics