Case Hobo Knife Review by TheUrbanPrepper


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hey guys today I like to do a review of an item I recently picked up this is a knife made by case and it the case hobo knife and by hobo knife that basically means at the knife that also includes some utensils with it so a fork and spoon and you know for a long time I always thought hobo knives were pretty dorky I seen him at Walmart and you know the five dollar little you know utensil sets that I figured I would never use but until I got turned on to this one mr monkey man 50 recommended it so a special shout out to him I just love this knife it is it is really cool this is my first kind of major case knife that I purchased you know I have other knives you know that these are about similar price is the benchmade gripped Chilean but when you hold something about holding a case knife and looking at the craftsmanship of it and the quality it just something else that you know they they advertise that on their boxes is that there nothing like holding the case knife in your in your