How to Sharpen Brush Hog Blades Without Taking Them Off the Bush Hog


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all right now as you can see I out here sharpening my brush hog and I just gonna walk you through the basic steps of how I do it all right so it not hard to see that for me the first step in sharpen up my brush brush hog is taking it off the tractor and flipping it back on its side I would never want to get under this thing just because it so heavy and possibly the kind of thing that going to fall and crush you so we can see I just lay it against this old axle set that I got but you could put it on a bunch of tires or blocks of wood or against a tree or anything and then I just chained it up actually usually what I do is I take my farm jack and lift it a few feet and then I chained it up to my truck and just pull it over so that it completely safe to work on now I seen some videos maybe you seen these two about guys taking their blades off the brush hog just sharpen them up but this thing is so